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 A game can’t be called a true driving sim if there isn’t a thriving community of players creating mods to tailor the base game to their liking. BeamNG is no different.

Moose Test

Moose Test

Moose Test

Car buds will know that the moose test is a common way to evaluate your car’s handling in sudden, evasive maneuvers. Can your vehicle evade a moose or other sudden obstacle?

Moose Test for offers a perfect track setup for conducting the test as well as an interface to guide players through the process.

Once the player has driven into the cone area and is at the appropriate test speed, steering becomes the only input the driver uses.

Any inputs other than steering or grazing one of the cones means automatic failure! Drive into the yellow box at the end of the course to teleport to the beginning.

Audi A7/Rs 7 2.0

Audi A7 Rs 7 2.0

The Audi RS 7 is one of our favorite rides in the real world and in BeamNG. With its updated bumper, flashier grill, and optional Matrix LED, the RS7 stands a notch above the A7, which is still a great car.

This car mod brings the A7 and RS7 into your game. Boasting several gens of bodywork, accurate damage, and multiple configs, the RS 7 is a great time in the game.

Few cars so perfectly embody a comfortable, luxury ride while having the potential to open up if you give it some real gas. This is definitely NOT an Audi advertisement.

Off-road Trials Mod

Off Road Trials Mod

Off-Road Trials is a custom course mod from HighDef.

Take off into one immense, long route into nature. This mod is perfect for testing out SUVs or other tougher rides you’ve downloaded.

We wouldn’t recommend taking the RS 7 out on this track; it did not go great.

Tank T-80UD 3.0

Tank T 80ud 3.0

This is different from a typical car mod.

The T-80UD Tank is a piece of battlefield realness dropped into BeamNG. This mod enables the player to drive a realistic tank through their drive courses.

The vehicle’s tracks are not animated, and you can’t change its color; it is tank colored.

There is no need to panic. The most important part of the tank works: the cannon. It can fire rounds AND rotate. Plus, it is heavy enough to crush other cars.

We haven’t tried it, but this could be a good candidate for the Off-Road Trials if you have some patience.

Tesla Model S in Beamng

Tesla Model S In Beamng

Electric vehicles are underrepresented in racing and driving sims; grab one with this very well-made mod.

The Tesla Model S mod adds a fully functional, fully realized Tesla Model S to the game. There are so many small details that make this car mod ace.

The Model S has an animated dashboard, over 30 configs, realistic power, battery type options, and support for skins and other cosmetic changes.

This is an excellent car for an immersive, relaxing drive.

Mbwr Alps 1.0

Mbwr Alps 1.0

MBWR Alps teleports the player and their driving experience to a stunning environment inspired by the Alps.

Nothing fosters that high-end motorsport vibe like serene, European terrain. This custom course features asphalt, dirt, and snow roads for varied driving, plus time trials and simulated traffic.

Take the Tesla Model S out for a quick tour of this gorgeous terrain, perhaps. We did, and it was awesome.

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