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Latest FNF Mods

To participate in the ultimate Friday Night Funkin combat, are you prepared? A recent addition to FNF Mods is VS Garcello. VS Garcello Mod has fair playability but becomes very challenging in the end.

You'll face fresh challenges in this Friday Night Funkin Mod. You'll carry on your quest to win your girlfriend's heart in the VS Garcello Mod. By defeating your opponents in the rap battle, you can persuade your girlfriend's father.

Keyboard Controls:

You can play FNF online in your Web Browser using WASD keys or Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows keys. After you die in-game, You can restart the game using the Space button or Mouse click on the screen. You can change the difficulty of FNF before playing in Menu using Left/A and Right/D keys. The Gameplay of the FNF game is very simple. You just have to press the Key showing on your screen when Two Arrow meets each other. Sometimes you have long Arrows, In that case, you have to press and hold the specific keys.

Plot Of Friday Night Funkin Game:

In Friday Night Funkin Game, You are Boyfriend and you love a Girl named Girlfriend. The Girl can't date anyone before getting her Father's Permission. This looks simple but it is not. The Father wants a decent guy with music knowledge so He challenges you to rap battle duel. The only way to look good in eyes of Gurfiend's Father is by defeating all guys in Rap Battle. If you can beat all your rivals then your Girlfriend is yours. Can you become a Friday Night Funkin' Champion?

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