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The player's preferred mods can always be used to improve their experience with Cyberpunk 2077. The game gains from having a very active modding community in a number of ways, and any player may do it quite quickly.

A game can be given a new life by being modified, a practice that is not new. Beyond the developers, mod communities continuously work to enhance the gaming experience by providing and customizing their own works.

While some upgrades enhance the game's graphics, many others introduce brand-new features. This guide's main goal is to walk readers through the process of installing mods for Cyberpunk 2077 so they may use these features.

How to Install PC Mods

  1. Browse Nexus Mods for the mod you wish to add into Cyberpunk 2077. Be sure to create an account first, and then on the mod's page, select the Download: Manual button to obtain the mod file. 
  1. You will need an unarchiving tool for the zip files the mod is stored in, so be sure to have access to a tool like 7zip, winzip, or winrar.
  1. Unzip the mod file's folder and save it in a location you can easily access, like your desktop or downloads folder.
  1. FOR STEAM USERS: Locate Cyberpunk 2077 in your game library, right click on the game name, select Properties, select the Local Files tab, and select Browse Local Files. 
  1. FOR GOG USERS: Go to the Cyberpunk 2077 game page in your library, and select the Settings button to the right of the play button, and select Manage Installation > Configure. 
  1. This will bring you to the games' files and folders, which should include the game launcher and several folders like "archive" and "r6". 
  1. PLEASE READ THE MOD'S INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IN THE DESCRIPTION SECTION OF ITS DOWNLOAD PAGE. Different mods may need to have the folder you downloaded installed in different places. For example, a cosmetic changing mod may want you to paste the mod folder in Archive > PC > Patch (and create a folder named patch if one does not already exist.
  1. Be sure to backup any folders the mod page may be asking you to overwrite by pasting in the mod file, just in case things go wrong.
  1. Once the mod files have been pasted in the right folders, launch Cyberpunk 2077 to check if the mod is working as intended.


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