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What is iReady Overload?

iReady Overload is a Chrome extension that provides ease of access and additional functionalities for the popular education website I-Ready. It enhances the user experience and offers useful features to improve education.

Disclaimer: Due to Google's policy on obfuscation I will no longer be updating this version. If you'd like updates you can read the instructions on how to install here:

iReady Overload is a "ease of access" utility mod for the popular education website I-Ready

Installation is very simple:

  • Install the extension
  • Open I-Ready and you will see the popup

Latest i-Ready hacks for adding minutes & skipping lessons/quizzes. Find out more on any of the links we put below this spot. Please use these only when you need to and not rely on them all of the time, as we're not here to ruin your learning experience.

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