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Note: This mod is for the roommates you create in Create-A-Sim.

Set your roommates free to explore their own captivating lives beyond the house with this new career. This mod unleashes a world of possibilities for storytelling and adventure.

Allow your roommates to venture beyond the comfyness of your shared home. In "Roommate Stories," we introduce a world of storytelling possibilities, enabling your Sims to have a life outside your home. They will have a career, social life, and hobbies! You will get to choose between 10 options to determine what type of roommate they will be. This allows your un-played sims to have their own life...similar to the explore mod.

Disclaimer: The Sims showcased in this preview were generated using artificial intelligence. As a programmer, my passion for technology and AI is a significant part of my creative process. At the same time, I hold deep respect for traditional artists. I believe that utilizing AI to generate Sims does not detract from the value and importance of artists' work. This approach is about embracing innovation while honoring the artistic community.

Types of Roommates

Your roommates will start by making scraps while they grow into who they are. They will figure out their fashion choices, their hobbies/skills, meet new people, maintain their current relationships, go shopping, and even advance in their career. They will take care of their needs while they are away and go on adventures. When they return home they are back in your control. You can help grow and enhance their stories!

Socialite Roommate

A life of luxury, glamorous events, and jet-setting adventures await. Your roommate's source of income is a well-kept secret, but their opulent lifestyle is evident.

Mysterious Disappearing Roommate

Unpredictable absences and cryptic souvenirs hint at a life of intrigue. Your roommate's career is shrouded in mystery, leaving you curious about their hidden world.

Serial Dater Roommate

Love affairs, whispered phone conversations, and perfumed letters fill your roommate's days. Their social life is bustling, but the origins of their income remain a puzzle.

Cozy Homebody Roommate

Your home is their sanctuary, but they occasionally venture out. Their job, likely related to crafting cozy home decor, adds warmth to your shared living space.

Studious Scholar Roommate

Engrossed in ancient texts and rare manuscripts, your roommate's academic pursuits hint at a world of history and artifacts. Their field of study remains an alluring enigma.

Weekend Explorer Roommate

Weekends bring adventures and tales of hiking trails and off-the-grid camping trips. Your roommate's income may come from freelance travel writing, but their journeys remain a captivating mystery.

Nightlife Enigma Roommate

Your roommate disappears into the neon-lit cityscape at night, leaving you to wonder about their nocturnal escapades. Underground clubs and secret gatherings add intrigue to their nighttime activities.

Early Riser Roommate

Up and out of the house before dawn, your roommate's early mornings hint at a demanding job. Their purpose is concealed, leaving you curious about their sunrise rituals.

Cozy Traveler Roommate

With a heart full of wanderlust, this traveler's cozy tales revolve around cultural experiences and heartwarming encounters. Postcards and foreign spices hint at their globetrotting career.

Party Animal Roommate

This roommate thrives on the nightlife, dancing through the city's neon-lit streets and hosting extravagant parties. Whispers of DJ sets and exclusive club memberships fuel the intrigue surrounding their entertainment career.

Features of the Mod:

  • Immersive Career Branches: Choose from 10 captivating career branches, each with its own mystery and intrigue, and watch your roommates' stories unfold.

  • Autonomous Roommates: Your roommates lead their lives autonomously outside your control. They venture forth, create their career paths, engage in captivating activities, and tend to their motives independently.

  • Enhanced Storytelling: With open-ended descriptions and tantalizing mysteries surrounding your roommates' careers, you can craft your own narratives and fully immerse your Sims in the riveting world of shared living.

  • Shopping Adventures: Your roommates can embark on shopping sprees, exploring the retail world and showing off their latest purchases.

  • Dynamic Relationships: Watch as your roommates build and maintain relationships, both within and outside the house, fostering new friendships and nurturing existing ones.

  • Skill Development: Witness your roommates honing their skills, whether it's mastering a musical instrument or becoming a culinary expert.

  • Motives Management: Your roommates autonomously attend to their motives, ensuring they are well-rested, well-fed, and content.

How to Install:

  1. Mod Installation: To get started, ensure that you've correctly installed the "Roommate Stories" mod in your Sims 4 game. Follow the installation instructions provided with the download to set up the mod.

  2. Career Entry: In your Sims' careers menu, locate the "Roommate Stories" career. Your Sims must first navigate the "get affairs in order" level to access these captivating career branches. After completing this level, they can choose their preferred roommate career branch.

WIP: More Information will be Coming Soon!

This is my first official mod since returning to the community, this is just the beginning~

Join "Roommate Stories" and unlock the rich, complex narratives of your roommates, each leading a life outside your immediate control. With exciting new features and enhanced storytelling, the possibilities are boundless as you dive deep into the enigmatic world of shared living.

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