Heavenly Traits


This mod contains five new traits!
Pyromancer: Allows a creature to spawn fire rain when attacking and gives the fire proof trait alongside it.

Cryomancer: A creature with this trait has a chance to freeze creatures it attacks. Gives freeze proof trait.

Dark Possession: Gives a creature massive stat boosts to speed and attack alongside the rage status effect at the cost of diplomacy and a chance to get the madness trait

Demigod: Gives a creature enormous stat bonuses to armor, crit chance, and attack speed. Increases age and gives knockback immunity. Also provides greatly accelerated health regeneration and no hunger. It does render the creature infertile, however.

Invincible: Gives a creature permanent access to the powerful invincible status effect, rendering them immune to all forms of damage. Also has knockback immunity to prevent them dying to the world border.

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